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Primitive Light Strands

Hand dipped Primitive Silicone Rice Lights

         Primitive Silicone Light Strands

takes (3) AA BATTERIES 

ONE COLOR STRANDS:  Colors:  Pumpkin(orange), sunflower(yellow), moss, rose,

mud(DK brown), toasted(tan), sand(white), green, baby blue, snowflake(clear with sparkle), & red

 RICE LIGHTS:  35ct:  $12.00,  50ct:  $19.00,     140ct:  $39.00 chasing lights

       BATTERY OPERATED:    35ct:  $15.99    50ct   $21.99


TWO or more COLOR:  Fall Mix (sunflower, moss, mud, & pumpkin),   Red & Green,   

Spring Mix (sun, rose, moss & Baby Blue), RWB, Candy Corn(pumpkin, sand & sunflower) & Candy Cane (red & white) 

RICE LIGHTS: 35ct:  $15.00,   50ct:  $23.00,         140ct:  $43.00     

BATTERY OPERATED:     35ct:  $18.99   50ct  $26.99


PLAIN non-dipped RICE LIGHTS:  35ct:  $7.00  50ct:  $11.50    140ct:  $28.00 (twinkling)    

   BATTERY OPERATED:    35ct:  $12.99  50ct  $14.99

Each Strand of lights are hand dipped in my house. 

Special color combinations are available.